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Our musical school

Central to musical education at Cantaleum is the human voice as an essential instrument. Well-planned vocal training developed with children's capabilities in mind is the foundation for making music at Cantaleum, whether in a group (chamber music, choral) or solo. The acquisition of vocal skills opens the doors to many creative possibilities.

In addition, Cantaleum Zürich recommends supplementary musical instrument lessons. At Cantaleum, a student will receive guidance in choosing a suitable instrument and have access to highly-qualified teachers, both of which are crucially important to a child's musical success.

The artistry and skill that results from musical training is not always just meant for the artist alone: it can also be shared with an audience. Through various types of concerts, students can demonstrate their musicianship and progress in their work. Performing for an audience should be a fun, enjoyable and positive experience for students. Such self-affirming moments in a child's development are invaluable and have a lifelong effect.

Combining early musical training with academic learning is an ideal way to give children positive guiding principles and to strengthen their motivation to learn.

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