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In addition to the three sports lessons per week in the lesson plan, students may choose to participate in the sports offerings from the Sportanlage Sonnenberg sports facility.


Sportanlage Sonnenberg is only a five-minute walk from our school and offers a variety of sports courses taught by professional instructors. More information can be found at the Sportanlage Sonnenberg website.


Garden fun

The extensive grounds and gardens of the school offer a myriad of possibilities for outdoor fun for the children: large playground area with fruit trees, a "mud kitchen," a large gravel field with play equipment, a hard-top area for football and basketball, a ping-pong table, a foosball table, and of course, our organic garden with garden beds and green house. The students enjoy planting and looking after their flowerbeds in the spring and summer, planting vegetables, flowers, or fruits. The can then make fruit pies or herb salt from their own harvests. 


...and much more

Other extracurricular activities can be organised as needed. For example, when there are enough interested participants, we organise programming courses or dance lessons to take place at school. Within the day care programme, our students engage in free play, chess, crafting, playing instruments, and drawing. Together with our daycare staff, every child can find a meaningful extracurricular activity.

Facepaint Fun
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