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Primary school

At Cantaleum, students are taught in mixed-aged groups of two to three grades (e.g. Grades 5/6). Student timetables are set according to the curriculum of Canton Zurich, with additional enrichment lessons in music and English. Certain subjects are taught immersively in English.

For students who require more challenging coursework in certain subjects, we are able to flexibly arrange for learning groups and individual support to meet this need.

We also offer a exam preparation course for students who would like to sit the Langgymnasium entrance exam.

Cantaleum educational model

• Challenging syllabus based on Lehrplan 21 curriculum

• Methods based in paedagogical theory (more information here)

• Unique combination of goal orientation, cultural education, and creative expression

• Whole-day supervision in familiar school environment

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  • 225 minutes of music is taught each week, including theory, notation, rhythm and aural training, intonation, etc.

  • Students sing in music class and in the choir.

  • Individual voice training and solo singing lessons

  • Music lessons with instruments can be arranged through the school's network of music instructors 

English and German

• English and German are used at Cantaleum both in and out of the classroom

•Certain subjects are taught in English (immersion)

• English is taught as a formal subject as of the first grade

• Mathematics is taught only in German


Class sizes

  • Classes generally consist of fifteen to twenty students. Classroom teachers, subject teachers, and classroom assistants ensures that the class as well as the individual students receive intensive instruction in all subjects.  

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