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Secondary school

Cantaleum’s uniqueness as a school is built on the elements of academic achievement, bilingualism, cultural education, and promoting creative expression.


  • Lessons follow the Lehrplan 21 curriculum and are achievement-oriented

  • Methods based on paedagogical theory (more information)

  • Preparation courses for short-term Gymnaisum exams, vocational choices, and further schooling

  • Optional tutoring lessons

  • Whole-day day care in a familiar school environment


Lesson elements:

  • Teacher’s instruction

  • Guided and independent activities according to weekly plan

  • One-on-one educational coaching and learning reflections

  • Experiments and discussions with the entire group, practice speaking freely and presentations

Music & Bilingualism

  • Rhythm and auditory training, lessons in intonation, instruments, music history, and musical notation

  • Singing / ensemble music / theatre

  • Choir practices and/or instrumental practice

  • English and German, both as languages of instruction and languages outside of lessons

  • Certain subjects are taught immersively in English; mathematics are taught only in German


  • Strong abilities in German or English and mathematics

  • Interest in music

  • Interest in languages

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