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ACCESS Cantaleum

School and music for all: We believe that Cantaleum Zurich should also be accessible to musically-interested children for whom the tuition fees are unaffordable. Through the ACCESS Cantaleum Program, we aim to make this possible.

Sponsor a child

It is possible to sponsor an eligible child with a scholarship to attend Cantaleum Zurich

  • Sponsorship of a specific child (personal sponsorship) requires the commitment to take on the full cost for the duration of the child’s primary schooling, from admittance to Cantaleum Zurich until the end of the sixth grade

  • The minimum duration of a non-personal sponsorship is one year

  • Sponsors can choose to cover part of the tuition fee or the entire tuition fee

  •  It is possible to take on multiple sponsorships

  • Minimum spending per year per sponsorship is negotiable

  • Sponsorships are tax deductible in the Canton of Zurich

  • Sponsors may be listed on the Cantaleum Zurich website, if desired

Donating to the scholarship program

A donation to the scholarship fund would be earmarked as a contribution toward ongoing scholarship applications

  • Tax deductible in the Canton of Zurich

  • Sponsors are listed on the Cantaleum website, if desired


The Cantaleum Foundation is responsible for final decisions regarding the granting of scholarships (details provided in the document “Stipendienreglement ACCESS Cantaleum” below). Cantaleum Zürich AG is organised as a public company with the non-profit organisation Cantaleum Foundation owning 100% of the shares.
Profits from Cantaleum Zürich AG will flow as dividends to the sole shareholder, the non-profit Cantaleum Foundation, and would thereby be used for charitable purposes in accordance with the foundation’s goals --- scholarships and school development of Cantaleum Zurich.

Further information about ACCESS Cantaleum
(German only)

For further information

Dr. Maja Coradi Vellacott

School director

Tel: +41 79 664 13 01


Konrad von Aarburg

School director

Tel: +41 79 634 08 94

Banking information

Zürcher Kantonalbank
Stiftung Cantaleum, Rubrik Stipendien
IBAN CH88 0070 0110 0064 3720 8

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