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Transitions onward / Gymi preparation

At Cantaleum, students are individually supported and regular progress checks and regular parent-teacher meetings enable effective planning of students' promotion into secondary school.

After primary school

If a student wishes to attend a Langgymnasium, then special attention will be paid to the exam subjects of German and mathematics. Outside of lessons, the student may also attend a Gymnasium preparation course at Cantaleum.

Options after primary school:

  • Public, German-language Langgymnasium (for more information, see

  • Public, bilingual (German/English) Langgymnasium

  • Private, German-language Langgymnasium

  • Private, bilingual Langgymnasium

  • Public, German-language secondary school (assigned according to district of residence)

  • Private, German-language secondary school

  • Private, bilingual secondary school

After secondary school

As of Grade 7, students begin working with the learning diagnostic tool "Lernpass Plus," which pinpoints the strengths and challenges within each school subject. Cantaleum offers extra blocks of time in which students can work individually and ask questions in order to master the skills in the subjects of mathematics and German.

As of Grade 8, a Gymnasium preparation course is offered twice weekly, each with two German lessons and two mathematics lessons.

Options after secondary school:

  • public, German-language Kurzgymnasium (for more information, please see

  • public, bilingual (German/English) Kurzgymnasium

  • private, German-language Kurzgymnasium

  • private, bilingual (German/English) Kurzgymnasium

  • private, English-language College with A-Level certification

  • private, English-language IB programme

  • apprenticeship, with or without having attended vocational school

  • 10th school year, followed by apprenticeship with or without having attended vocational school

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